About Me

I'm a software engineer specializing in front-end development.

I pour my expertise and individuality into everything I build. I do the best work I can and have a great time while I'm at it.

My set of skills include - but are not limited to - Swift, modern CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as Angular and React. I also mess around with Java and Python. Many people don't like Java, but I love this language - I think that Java will teach one a lot about software engineering.

Kristjan's portrait
Me in Thailand (2022)

I used to work in Tartu Observatory on a couple of projects relating to robotic operations. The Python and JavaScript code I contributed for a tool was delivered to the European Space Agency 🛰️ for their internal use.

Currently I'm working as a front-end engineer at the Estonian Public Broadcasting company where I help to create insanely great high-quality software.

But, when I have time off, I like to read 📚, take walks, exercise and of-course -travel. Speaking of travel, I've lived in Taiwan 🇹🇼, Luxembourg 🇱🇺, South Korea 🇰🇷 and Thailand 🇹🇭 for over a year combined.

PS! I also happen to be an award-winning photographer 😉 - I took photography very seriously around 2019. It's still my passion, but now I only do it on a very casual basis.