About Me

Iā€™m a software engineer specializing in iOS and front-end development.

I pour my expertise and individuality into everything I build. I do the best work I can and have a great time while Iā€™m at it.

My set of skills include - but are not limited to - Swift, modern CSS, JavaScript, and React. I also mess around with Java and Python. Many people don't like Java, but I love this language. I think that Java will teach one a lot about software engineering.

I used to work in Tartu Observatory on a couple of projects relating to robotic operations. The Python and JavaScript code I contributed for a tool was delivered to the European Space Agency šŸ›°ļø for their internal use.

At the moment I'm running a business and doing a ton of coding (mostly Swift, Java and JavaScript).

But, when I have time off, I like to read šŸ“š, take walks, exercise, get a cup of hot coffee ā˜•ļø at a local cafe and blog about very very important topics. šŸ§

PS! I' also happen to be an award-winning photographer šŸ˜‰ - I took photography very seriously around 2019. It's till my passion, but now I only do it on a casual basis.