Art and imaginary drawn lines

People like to put art into boxes: “this is a painting, this is sculpture, this is photography, this is music, this is not, this is this, this is that.” Not to even mention the boxes we like to put inside the boxes and create these infinite Russian nesting dolls - a sub-sub-genre of a sub-genre of a genre.

E.g., is the “sculpture” placed in front of the painting part of the painting, or do we have to call it something else? This is precisely what the Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata (大畑伸太郎) has done. He has effectively blurred the line between painting and sculpture and probably fried the circuits of a few art critics along the way.

Therefore, let us not worry about any lines between different forms of art. All art is just art as long as it’s done by not following any maps or manuals. As long as it’s done creatively.

For our brain, all creating is art. This is why creating a business is also art — creating by using our creativity = art.