The best writing app

Typora with the Newsprint theme. ’It’s the best writing program ’I’ve ever used - and ’I’ve tried a lot of them. I write all my blog posts on that.

It’s a markdown editor - similar to HTML code websites use. But ’it’s super easy. E.g., if you put “#” in front of the text, it will create an h1 title and “##” will give you an h2 title. The text between the “*” will give you italics and so on.

But the app has made that part so easy; you can easily format the text by selecting it and using a right-click menu.

’It’s fast, lightweight, and distraction-free. Even though it looks quite minimal, ’it’s packed with features. 

I especially love the ability to access my text files from the left sidebar, which shows the folder structure of your computer. Therefore you can switch between different files without leaving the program.

Try it! I ’haven’t used Word-type of an editor for writing perhaps almost a decade or so.