Is competition good or bad?

Here are two ideas about competition. 

First, there is the idea that competition puts producers under pressure to produce better products. This is good for consumers, as they have more choices for lower prices.

The second idea is that competition should be avoided, particularly for the reasons mentioned above. If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you get lost in the crowd. You have to fight for your attention. 

The best way to go is the way of monopoly. Look at Google - it basically owns the Internet, and it definitely owns the search-engine market. Being a monopoly allows it to do whatever it wants to do freely and very successfully.

However, if you're the owner of a restaurant next to 10 other similar restaurants in the same area, you have to spend most of your energy looking at what your competitors are doing and being constantly on guard trying to make ends meet.

It's essential to opt-out of competition and into a monopoly.

The same applies to artists. The goal is to become a category of your own. So that people would immediately know whose work they are looking at.

Copying and imitating are necessary in the beginning, but we should keep in mind that we're doing that for learning and it's not for long-term.

Every true artist does something completely unique to them. This is why they're true artists.