Don’t be a sheep

This is the tendency I have noticed (and I’ve been guilty of this of course): we read or listen to what one person says in a video, book or article, and then we compare it to what the other person says. Sometimes what is being said is contradictory. One person states one thing, the other the complete opposite.

We get confused, “But wait a minute, this person told this, and the other person said that. I don’t get it. Which one is it then?”

The answer is this:

Think with your own head. Make up your own mind. It’s your job to figure out the answers. Answers for yourself.

Sometimes when I read a book, I only agree with part of the information. Sometimes only 10%. Many people, however, need to either agree or disagree with everything or they get confused.

You don’t need to agree with everything. Just take the info you relate to and disgard the rest. Even if 95% of the book is crap, but you get that 5% of gold, it’s worth it.

Step out of the group think, always looking for a map to follow. Make your own map.

Let’s dig even deeper, extra deep, extra heavy, watch me; I’m just getting ready.

Nobody knows what the truth is. It’s over our heads. We, with our tiny little heads, don’t have the capacity to make sense of the whole reality. E.g., we try to figure out the universe, but I think we can’t.

It’s on a totally different level, and we can’t figure it out. No matter how hard we try. It’s like an ant trying to figure out quantum mechanics. It’s out of the ant’s realm. The point is, we don’t know the ultimate “truth,” even though it’s probably out there.

The cool thing, however, is that we get to make our own truth. Every one of us can create our own reality of what is true.

You can view things as scary, or you can view them as exciting, you can view missing your flight as a bad thing, or you can view it as extra free time to read a book and therefore becoming smarter.

The interpretations are endless. It’s up to you to decide what the world is like.