Escaping life vs. living life

If you do an audit on your life, how much time do you spend escaping your life and how much of it is actually living it?

The way I see it: most people are “plugged into the Matrix” existing as an energy source to the system. They spend most of their time on their phones, watching ads, and buying things. They don’t want to stand out, they are constantly worried about their status (phones, clothes, cars), and they do what their body wants at that particular moment (biological drives). This kind of person is perfect for the system.

Not to diss on these people, because they simply don’t know any different. Yet they have so much potential to be anything they want to be.

And I’m not saying that I’m enlightened and “look at me, I’m so much better than these people.” I spent a good decade simply derping around being in a haze. So, no, I’m not above anyone at all. I’m only beginning to grasp the possibilities and values of life. I’m just scratching the surface, and I have a long way to go.

Think about the things you do - do you do them because they’re fun/interesting/value giving, or do you do them to numb yourself.

It’s not really the thing; it’s the “why” behind it. Let’s take going on a vacation e.g., You can have a vacation to explore, to experience, to have fun or you can do it to numb yourself - to escape life. Many people do anything to not deal with their life. To be in some meaningless constant action - anything really - just to not deal with life.

So, next time you load up a movie or series - ask yourself: “do I watch it because I really want to watch it or do I do it because I want to ‘escape’?”

Don’t escape life - you’re not going to live forever, and do you really want to spend the majority of your life on things that don’t matter? Set up your life in a way you don't need to escape from it.