Give, and don’t expect anything for it

Help others - share tips, start a blog, or a Youtube channel. Offer value for free without wanting anything in return. Give away your best ideas, your secrets.

If this thought scares you, it’s a sign of scarcity. It’s a fear that success is scarce, and you might lose it as opposed to the mentality of abundance.

Having abundance means you’re not needy; you know that no matter what you’ll do fine. 

“I am for an art that helps old ladies across the street.”

Claes Oldenburg, I Am for an Art

There’s a story of a kombucha shop owner who was so afraid that people were trying to steal his secret recipe. 

The other story is of a barbeque shop owner who shared all his best recipes for free and even taught people how to make the same delicious ribs for which he was so famous.

Which shop do you think is doing better? 

In three years, Franklin Barbecue has become one of the best barbeque joints in the world.

Here’s the thing: just because you know the technique, doesn’t make you the master. Masters know that. This is why they’re not afraid of sharing their “secrets.” It takes years of practice to get good at something.

The other thing is that giving away gifts feels so much better than taking. People who only want to take are usually in a negative scarcity-based mindset paranoid about losing their “precious “- just like in the Lord of the Rings.

Giving gifts doesn’t mean to give crappy 3-page pdfs “for free!!” or something that is just disguised as an advertisement. No, it’s a genuine gift - genuine value without expecting anything in return. If you’re open to receiving, the universe will pay you back in some other way, some other time. Give and receive - receive and give.