Give yourself permission to be entitled

entitlement (noun): complete lack of emotion with regard to deserving something or someone.

Give yourself permission to be entitled to the best in life.

The reason why you don't have the type of life you want might be that you don't feel you're worth it.

People often avoid going for things they want because of entitlement issues. So they pick the dumbed-down version. Maybe they don't buy those bold, cool glasses or eye-catching coats because they feel they're not on the "level" to wear them. So, they also don't go to clubs and restaurants that are "out of their league."

About the "out-of-my-league" - it's most commonly used to describe the person of the opposite sex people are attracted to but don't feel deserving.

Look, there's no such thing as "out of my league." Forget it. There's stuff you want and stuff you don't want. And you should always go for the things you want, not what society thinks you deserve.

Change your thinking. From now on, you deserve the best.

It might feel really awkward at first - because, well, you're not used to it. But as you step out of the comfort zone (the box the society has put you in - figuratively speaking), you start to get used to it.

Let's come to the definition of entitlement above.

Many people will be confused by it.

What do I mean by "lack of emotion"? What has this got to do with it? A lot!

When you turn on the faucet to get some water, are you hoping the water to flow out, and if it does, you get excited? Or do you just fully expect the water to flow without paying any attention to it?

Exactly. This is the feeling you get when you fully expect something to happen and you have no thoughts and hopes attached to it at all. You feel nothing. Because well, of course, why wouldn't the water flow, right? It'd be weird if it doesn't. You'd be annoyed.

But, would you be annoyed when some celebrity doesn't reply to your email?

Think about it. Most of us are fully entitled to these simple things to happen in our lives, but try to think where your feeling of being entitled starts to break down?

Is it when you go to Zara to just check out some clothes? How about a Gucci store? How about going to talk to that really hot girl you saw (i.e., if you're a guy - or even if you're a girl)? What about if she's a Vicky model? What if she's the president of a country?

We all have our line somewhere - where's yours?

Okay, cool, but what next?

As I briefly mentioned above, I think the only way to become more entitled is to actually go for the things you want - even if it feels uncomfortable. I'm afraid that trying to think yourself to be more entitled doesn't do anything. It's gradual training of your brain.

I hope this year will be full of action and awesomeness for you and that you go for what you want, like a tiger.

Until next time, peace out!