Hating is a luxury

One of my articles got recently published in PetaPixel, and as I read through some of the comments, I wanted to write about the commenting culture in general.

I remember watching a video on Youtube about French grammar. The video was around 2 hours. Someone had voluntarily put out a 2-hour video giving his knowledge without wanting anything in return. Then I checked the comments. “Your voice is annoying,” someone said.

To hate is a luxury because writing those comments and complaining takes time and energy. Successful people never hate on anyone’s work. They’re too busy doing their thing.

They understand that the time we have in this world is limited, and there’s just no time to write mean comments. It’s a waste of time. A time they can use to do their work.

Some of these comments are quite long as well. The time it takes someone to write a hate comment is the time it takes me to write half of a blog post.

The difference is the hater is stuck in his low paradigm thinking while the creators keep moving forward. While the hater is watching, talking, and gossiping about the creator, he is working towards his dreams.

Stop hating. Do your own thing. Advance your cause, not someone else’s cause. Realize that in the end, none of this matters. We’re all going to die soon anyway, so spending that time to complain, might not be the best way to use that scarce resource.