How meat eggs and coffee will make you happier

If you avoid eating carbohydrates and eat healthy fats, your body will start to burn fat for fuel. It’s called the ketogenic diet.

You cut out all the grains, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, milk, and fruits (bananas, apples, pineapple). These foods are high in carbs.

On the other hand, foods such as meat and fish have zero carbs. Green vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, butter, avocados, and cheese, e.g., are not exactly zero-carb foods but include a minimal amount of carbs.

I’ve been doing a keto diet for a little while now, and interestingly I noticed feeling way better. Not really because it’s some magic diet (could be actually), but because this diet cuts out most of the foods you could buy in a grocery store. And most of it is unnecessary crap.

With keto, there’s way less to choose from, which is good! It makes life easier.

I simply buy eggs, meat or fish and some random greens, throw them in a pan, mix together, and that’s it — no need to carry a heavy bag of potatoes and a carton of milk and fruit anymore.

There’s no need to give up on desserts either. Whipped cream + few strawberries (not too many), and 99% dark chocolate and nuts is a good ketogenic dessert.

People are generally avoiding fats, thinking that fat will make them fat. It’s actually carbohydrates that usually make people fat - especially the sugar found in most foods. Most canned and packaged foods have sugar in them as well. Even potato chips have sugar in them.

Also, I never thought that I’d get used to coffee without milk. Now I don’t think I’ll ever want to have coffee with milk again.

I’m constantly striving to make my life easier and more minimal, so I have more time and energy to focus on creating. Again, everything is connected to the art we create - nutrition, exercising, sleep, reading books.