How to be a high-value person

High-value people have many traits that separate them from the regular mass.

In this article, I'm going to talk about just one of these traits. A trait that I have seen high-caliber people possess across the board. Whatever their field, they all share it.

They respect their time, and they also respect the time of others. Low-value people don't.

If they commit to something, they follow through. They might rarely say yes, but when they do, they don't cancel or re-schedule it. They also don't need any reassurance on agreements. They know they're going to do their part, and they expect the other party to do the same.

On the other hand, low-value people cancel agreements if something comes up, post-pone meetings, call to ask whether an agreed-upon thing is still going to occur, etc.

If you have a scheduled meeting with a prime minister, would you even try to re-schedule that meeting because you realize the time is inconvenient to you?

It'd be the last thing you do with them.

Here's the thing. High-value people don't mess around. They value their time a lot, and if you don't respect theirs, even just for once, they're done with you.

On the other hand, if you respect their time, they do the same for you. They open their world, their contacts, their connections to you. They introduce you to other high-level people they know.

But it all begins with valuing your own time. Because - as my mentor has said - "if you don't value your time, you don't value your life."