I need more information

The US intelligence services were highly criticized for not detecting the 9/11 attacks even though there were massive amounts of evidence of the occurring attacks.

The issue was that there were also all kinds of other “evidence.” The result? Noise. If you have too much information, it becomes hard to separate the stuff that matters from what doesn’t. Our brains are not meant to handle vast amounts of data.

There are certain types of people (guilty!) who hoard information. Information is like a blanket - it helps to keep them protected. They are afraid to take action without knowing everything beforehand.

So they keep hoarding data and information, trying to plan everything, afraid of just jumping in.

I guess it comes from a need to control the outcome - to predict it. Not knowing the outcome is scary. We think that with more data, we become more certain. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Probably it’s the opposite.

We can’t control life. If you look at life, it’s chaos; it’s messy, it’s random. There are just too many variables.

The way we were born was a result of chaos, not some highly structured controllable event.

So there’s no way we can control life no matter the amount of information.

It’s more important to jump in first and figure out later as Grant Cardone says in his bestseller The 10X Rule. We need to solve the problems that are actually our problems at this moment, not the “problems” we think we are going to have.