If you don’t get what you want...

Many people get really angry or frustrated when they don’t get something they think they deserve. After all, the feeling of frustration is that something you thought you deserve, slips right through your fingers.

You don’t get it because you’re not ready yet.

“As soon as you stop wanting something you get it.”

Andy Warhol

It’s the Universe telling you that you need to work more, harder, or gain more experience. If you truly deserve something, you’ll get it.

I think the whole “getting it” already means that it’s mostly based on luck and not on the real abilities.

Even people who get e.g., a position because they know somebody who knows somebody don’t feel satisfied because deep down inside they know they don’t deserve it. Usually, they don’t last long in that position, either.

When we truly deserve the thing we used to want, we stop needing it and then it’s the time we get it. By then we already know we’ve earned it and that knowledge itself has immense power. To paraphrase Jim Rohn: we stop pursuing, and we start attracting.