If you would be a machine

How much differently would you treat yourself?

If you’d look at yourself from a third person’s view, would you keep yourself on the job you currently have? Would you change some parts? Would you have better maintenance?

We should be more objective about ourselves. If we would think of ourselves as the designer of the machine, we would probably do a lot of changes.

E.g., if your machine is not producing the results you want at the current job, then maybe you need to change out some parts or fire yourself from the situation altogether?

If you know that Coca Cola is harmful to your machine, would you still drink it? Would you knowingly use toxic fuel for your car? The same goes for everything: exercise, food, people we spend time with, activities we do, etc.

We should be our own manager and assess ourselves every once in a while to measure our progress and take note where we’re lacking and what can we do to fix it.

Look at your PFC (prefrontal cortex) part of the brain as the director. If you are constantly run by biological drives (I’m hungry, I’m too tired, I want this, I want that) and act upon them even though you know that you should finish a project or do the important thing, then the director is weak or out of the building. The “company” or “the machine” doesn’t have a manager and it’s chaos.

What decisions would your director make in the company called “You”? Would that director be assertive and an effective leader making decisions that are best for the company or would everyone do whatever feels great at the moment disregarding all the rock-solid empirical data?