Implement this one simple tweak into your life to completely transform your life

But 99% of people are not going to do it. They won’t do it even if it’s essentially proven that their lives would be 10x in quality and amount of happiness. The change would be unbelievable. I know this, I tested it - it works.

The simple - but not easy to implement - tweak is this: it’s waking up at 5 AM. That’s it. Just wake up early and so many things will take care of themselves.

One of the biggest benefits is that your baseline happiness level will be way higher. In other words, your default state is essentially 'happy'. Imagine beginning your day with a positive and happy mindset? For a few days, it has no effect really, but in several months and years, it’ll be life-changing.

Just like working out for a few weeks doesn’t do anything, but exercising for a couple of years will take you to Shredded Town (as is the case for me - a ripped and lean handsome model-looking guy - just so that you know).

There are no big breakthroughs.

Every success is created in small steps - like the building of the Great Wall or Taj Mahal - stone by stone by stone.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought that waking up at 5 AM would be a complete life-changer until I tried it. I’ve been doing it for around 20 days straight, but I’m already so pumped about this, that I absolutely had to write about it. This is gold. It’s one of the best habits I’ve implemented.

Waking up early is a keystone habit.

What it means is that it’ll bring about other positive changes automatically. E.g. working out is a great example: if you work out daily, you’re a lot more likely to quit eating shit food, stop smoking and drinking - because - what would be the point to undo all the work?

I’ve always struggled to meditate consistently. Previously I could do it for a few weeks, maybe a month and then I’d start skipping days and the habit would break apart. Now, it’s effortless. I haven’t skipped a single session after I began waking early. Even working out is easier. Everything is super easy in the morning.

If you got this far, it means you’re either my fan (yes, I have fans - they write me all the time that they read my latest blog post - and it makes my heart melt) or you’re interested in this change. Either way, I got this amazing life-changing idea from a quite well-known bestseller called “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma.

So many times did I walk past this book in the book store thinking “ah, another crappy self-help book”. I was so wrong about this. In fact, it’s one of the best self-improvement books I’ve ever read! And that’s saying a lot as I’ve read a ton of books.

Unfortunately, the book is written in a fiction style - just like The Alchemist. The difference is, however, that, The Alchemist’s story is world-class, but unfortunately Robin Sharma’s fiction writing skills do not go beyond that of a high-school student. In other words, the story is really really really - and I mean REALLY - badly written. It's complete crap.


If you can push through it - whole 300 pages or so - then you’ll find so much gold in there. Massive amounts of gold!

But, even though Sharma offers a ton of value, the most important key to take away - and implement - is that you should wake up at 5 AM and do 3 specific activities after that. These activities are: move, reflect and grow. Or, to be more precise: exercise, meditate and study.

I’ll not talk about these in more detail - at least not in this post - so I recommend picking up the book and reading about them yourself.

But needless to say, they're pretty self-explanatory anyway.

I've tested this, and it works and I swear by that.

This is it for this post. Enjoy the summer! Hope you read my next one!