It's not going to be hard - it'll be very hard

Okay, this is what I've noticed: many people get wrong estimating the amount of work that they think needs to be done versus the amount of work that actually needs to be done.

We all know people who have given up on something after a while because they don't see any results. Well, they either didn't want it enough or they had great illusions on how much it'll take to achieve it. And we're all been there - most of us at least. I know I have.

In reality, the required work necessary to achieve a meaningful goal is way higher than most people think.

E.g., sometimes I wonder if all those hundreds of hours of grueling workouts to get myself into top shape have been worth it. I think it has been worth it, but barely. I'm not that sure. I've definitely earned it that's for sure.

Or the countless hours of coding to get to where I am right now?

My point is that, if you have a goal - something worthwhile - then prepare to do at least double the amount of work - if not triple - to get whatever you want to get. In your mind, it's going to look a lot simpler than it is in reality. I promise you that. And you probably already know it.

But it is what it is. There's no alternative to hard work to get what you want. If you want something bad, you'll get it but don't expect it to get it cheap. Or worse - for free!