Marketing lesson #4: use your real name

One of the best ideas I got from Erik Kim (besides owning your platform) is to use your real name.

If you're an artist, using your real name might seem trivial at first, but there are at least two convincing reasons for it.

First, using your real name makes it easier to be authentic which would be a bit harder to do when you’re operating under some abstract name such as “Picture Perfect Photos” or something like that (I just made that name up on the spot, any connection to real brands or companies is coincidental).

Second, using your real name helps to spread the word because people tend to remember real names better than abstract names. We know there’s an actual person behind the work.

I was always trying to be this anonymous person because it allowed me to hide behind a pseudonym in case I might need it. Using your real name doesn’t give you that possibility. You put yourself on the line. You take full responsibility for every word, sentence, and action.

It’s scary at first as whatever you say may be used against you. And that’s fine. We’re worried that we might get a bad rep and everyone finding out, but the truth is, becoming famous is very hard.

In any case, real names generate more trust and help to facilitate the word of mouth.