I'm moving to another level

I don't relate to most people around me.

I feel distant from them.

The way they talk, how they dress, their interests, their goals (or rather lack of) all leave me cold. A massive pile of mediocrity. Nothing interesting whatsoever. Same shit. I've seen it thousand times before.

Most people's great ambition in life is to sit on the couch, watch some stupid sports game, eat potato chips, compare themselves with others on social media, get two kids, definitely not stand out, and generally wait to die.

True story.

In fact, I've been even told that I should watch more TV when I said that I don't follow any shows.

Imagine if someone gave you the advice to eat more junk food and read fewer books.

It's disgusting.

It's double-disgusting and sad if these people are close to you.

I can't cut them off - that's absurd. But I can't be close to them either. That would mean my own ruin.

The harsh truth is: I expect the people around me to have ambition and take action.

There's only a limited time for them to join me on this journey. That would be really awesome and definitely what I hope. But if no, then I keep moving, and I won't wait. However, at one point, the gap is going to be too big. Then it's too late.

Also, someone told me that (s)he's okay with mediocrity and doesn't want to move up. I made my case trying to explain how much more awesome life would be - what a crazy epic journey it'd be. I got a "meh" and a shrug for a response.

Fuck me, where the fuck am I? What is this place. I need to get out of here!

Ever wondered why celebrities only hang out with other celebrities?

Because they don't relate to the average peasant. Simple as that. The levels these high-value people operate on, are way too different from the ones of normal people.

Just think of Elon Musk. This guy is not only on another level; he's in an absolutely different universe.

While most companies are concerned about profit and new features of their products (absolutely fine, by the way), Musk thinks about how to save the human race. Not only does he think, but he's also executing on it on a massive scale.

Now compare this with the daily thought processes of an average person. It's insane how big the difference is. Even though Elon Musk is also just a human, he also has 24 hours a day. He also needs to eat and sleep.

When he first came out with the idea of building a rocket, he was laughed out of the room. Nobody took him seriously. People literally mocked him.

Now google SpaceX. I'm not going to even talk about Tesla.

There's so much more to life...