No more waiting

The whole concept of “waiting” is silly. It’s an illusion, really. What is there to wait, anyway?

If you have to wait for something, it means you want to get to the future.

E.g., people get frustrated if they miss a bus or a train. Why? It’s because they always want to get to the future - to the next thing - and then to the next. The sad thing is, many jump from one impulse to another until they die.

You have to realize that there is nothing to wait and no need to get to the future. It’s the present moment, that is the only real moment. There is no such thing as the future - it doesn’t exist. Neither does past.

You can enjoy and take in the awesomeness of life even if you have to wait in the traffic jam. Think about it this way: would your life suddenly become so much better if you can get to your destination faster? Would you suddenly find happiness in that future?

For me, there’s no such thing as waiting. If I miss a bus and the next one departs in 2 hours, I’m not waiting. I always have something to do, like read a book, write a blog post, make a new entry to my journal, etc.

If my date cancels on me, I’m partly glad about that. That means I have time to do my work or some other things.

These are just some silly examples. The main point is that no matter what there’s no waiting - I simply re-adjust my plans.

Don’t derp - life is short. You’re not going to live forever. We all die - take advantage of the awesome opportunities given to you.

Book recommendation: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle