The old man in the sky

I used to call myself an atheist. I thought the idea of some god sitting up in the sky to be preposterous. I couldn't comprehend how people can go to a church and worship something or someone that hasn't been scientifically proven. And never will be.

A side note: the opposite is also true - the non-existence of god can't be proven either.

Years later, having lived a life a bit, I see things in a different light.

Almost nothing in this life can be reasoned with a black-and-white mentality.

There is no good or evil, and there is no warm or cold. Everything just is and exists in different degrees. Can you draw an exact line from where you can pinpoint the transition from good to bad?

People who call themselves atheists are mentally small kids. They might have a grownup's body, but the mind is that of a child.

A child's mind can't understand metaphors, so naturally, he needs some object - some materialistic form to grab onto to make sense.

Obviously, it's not about some person sitting on the edge of the cloud. Indeed, only a kid can think of such a thing.

I think that deeply spiritual or religious people (for me, these terms are interchangeable) are so much more in contact with the whole - the being - than most regular people are. They tap into something much bigger than what our mind makes up to be.

Words can never explain it.

The bottom line is this: the world is not as simple as we might think. It's probably so much more complex than we could comprehend with our little heads.

Think of an ant. The ant lives in the same world that we do, but does it have any idea of the people and the planes and high-speed internet?

What I want to say is that we shouldn't think in absolutes. Nothing can be categorized as either black or white.

And it's especially ridiculous for people to think that they're more intelligent than the people who believe in a god.