Scarcity vs Abundance

Sometimes we live in a tiny world. E.g., when there's not much going on in our lives, it may feel as if this world shrinks like a balloon. We grasp onto everything in our life, desperate and fearing that it might slip through our fingers and disappear forever into the abyss.

This is called scarcity.

If we are busy, meet new people, and have numerous things going on, then suddenly our world we live in becomes big. It grows larger. There's an abundance of things to do and explore. We don't hold onto anything out of desperation.

It doesn't mean we neglect everything or don't care about it, but instead, we accept the loss easily. Why? Abundance.

If you're a millionaire and lost a few hundred, no big deal, right? It may be a bit annoying, but that's about it. Yet, when that hundred is all you've got, things would be more than annoying. Scarcity would kick in.

Abundance means everything is plentiful. The money is in abundance, the interesting people to interact with, jobs you have access to. Your mood and well-being are not dependent on one single person or object because, in your life, there's plenty of that.

Nowhere is it said that one couldn't have many of the good stuff. Nowhere is it said that one has to live in scarcity.

How to get to abundance?

The easiest and perhaps the best way to catalyze that is to meet a lot of new people. Always have a steady stream of cool and interesting people flowing into your life.

Yes, some come and go, but some you connect with on a deeper level, stick around.

Also, paradoxically, the less you care about losing someone, the higher the chances you're not going to lose them. That's because the person in scarcity emits low, needy energy that is repulsive to people. They naturally want to leave.

People in abundance don't care, so they actually get the things that the people really really care want but don't seem to get.

Again, the way to get to abundance is to meet a lot of new people. When you meet new interesting people on a regular basis, your world grows larger, and therefore you don't care and because you don't care, you end up attracting even more cool people. It's an upward cycle.