Self-teach yourself

I think it’s so cool we can nowadays learn almost anything we want to learn. All the information and theory are online. You just need to go and find it.

Information is no more guarded by gatekeepers like Universities that will make you go in dept in order to access their knowledge.

Most of it’s for free as well, and if it’s not free, it’s dirt-cheap. Sites like Udemy and others provide many courses for the price of few coffees. You can literally have the knowledge worth thousands of dollars for a couple of dozen bucks. I think it’s insane.

Another thing, everyone can be a teacher. Everyone who has learned something or has the knowledge can share it. All you need is a laptop. You don’t even need an Internet service - you can work from a coffee shop.

I think the future of teaching and learning will be online and more private. Private companies are offering “boot camps” and online courses. I might be wrong, but judging by the rise of free and non-free learning material online in recent years, it’s definitely a thing to take seriously.

It’s amazing to be able to learn a really niche skills - there’s something for everyone. So, you’re not limited to traditional faculties anymore. How cool is it that you could learn about data visualization at home and become an expert at it? Just one example out of thousands.

Quality information is cheaper than ever, and it’s crazy not to take advantage of it.