Shortcut to become instantly enlightened

We often tell ourselves things like "be calm" or "cheer up". That is - we try to convince ourselves to change how we feel.

That doesn't work.

At least from my experience, it doesn't work, and I'm pretty positive it doesn't work for you either.

The problem is the thinking.

Yes, thinking is the problem. Stop thinking, and everything will be easier and better and lighter.


Let me explain a bit.

Thinking is just this mental chatter that never stops and keeps on and on and on. Thoughts only produce new thoughts which keep up the "family tradition" - to infinity.

It turns out that our minds are mostly busy constructing stories about the "little me." You may mistakenly believe this "me" to be you - but in reality, it's just your ego. It has nothing to do with the real "you."

You see, if you can be aware of your thinking, then maybe that awareness is "you" and not the thinking?

I 100% agree with Eckhart on this. Descartes was wrong. He was on to something, but he was wrong.

We are not the mental chatter, because after all, we're able to observe that chatter. Not only that, we can turn that chatter off. So if there's something else than our thinking, then surely thinking is not the only sure thing there is.

Anyway, have you tried not to think?

Try it. Become fully present, observe, focus, ears and eyes open, and turn the mental commentary volume to zero. Only experience - no commenting at all.

You know you've got it when you find a smile creeping in for no apparent reason.

It's called being present to the moment.

There's no need to stuff yourself with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes to feel at peace. All you have to do is lose the commentary, and you already feel lighter.

Imagine living your life fully present without that chatter? Sounds cool, huh?

It took me quite a while to "get it," but to be honest, it's one of the best feelings in the world. I guess it just takes practice - like most things in life.

The chatter comes back, but as soon as you realize that, go back to presence. Over time it becomes a habit.

And if you haven't already, read Eckhart Tolle's The New Earth and The Power of Now. There you can read all that and more from the man himself.

Take care,