Smaller is better

Almost anything is better at small than big. Small is compact, weighs less, is more portable, usually more flexible and overall more efficient.

Small cameras are better than big cameras. Big cameras are clunky, weigh a lot, cost more, are trouble to carry, etc. Small cameras are easy to carry; they fit in your pocket. Result: you're more likely to take pictures.

Big cars vs. small cars - big cars are more expensive, harder to maneuver, take more gas.

Small apartments vs. big apartments. Small is easier to maintain, takes less time to clean - therefore you have more time for doing things that matter. Also, you can't fill it a lot of stuff. And more stuff is what makes life more complicated.

When traveling, a smaller suitcase is better. You have less stuff, which means you're more mobile. You don't have to drag around clothes and shoes and a lot of unnecessary stuff. This makes traveling easier and more fun.

Small companies often catch up with big companies very quickly. Why? Because they are more efficient, they don't have bureaucracy. Everyone does everything - information moves very quickly, and action is also taken quickly.

It's better to have a small share in 100 companies than a big share in 1 company - no matter how big that company is. Why? If that one company busts, you bust. In other words, don't put all of your eggs into one basket.

Small is better because of its maneuverability, portability, flexibility, and antifragility.