What is social media? Are you using it, or is it using you?

When it comes to social media - there are three types of people: people who don’t use it, people who use it, and people who are used by it.

Social media is not really “social” media - it’s just another form of entertainment. At least for the majority. For others, it’s a marketing tool.

Browsing through feeds, clicking some buttons that look like hearts or thumbs has nothing to do with socializing -and everything to do with entertainment. The interactions (texting, chatting) are, in most cases, also shallow.

Why are people so obsessed with some for-profit tech companies located in Silicon Valley? They’re nothing special. Just privately held companies whose sole purpose is to make money.

Let’s face it; social media is a massive time-waster with very little to offer in return. Trading hours upon hours of your life for tiny hits of dopamine is a lousy deal, obviously, for suckers.