Stay positive!

What are we going to talk about today? I don’t know, but let’s just run with it.

It’s Saturday afternoon; the sun is shining, birds are chirping behind the window, the snow is melting, I’m drinking my coffee and writing a blog post. This is so cool!


So, everyone’s heard that - to remain positive. But what does it really mean?

First of all, being negative doesn’t do anything. It’s a lose-lose thing where nobody gets any value, and the one the negative person “damages” the most is himself.

He might indeed succeed in affecting others in some aspect, but if they are smart, they get away from him. The end result is that he has marginalized himself, pushed people away from him, and now simmers in his own bitterness and loneliness. And nobody cares either. So they hang out with someone positive instead.

Secondly, stay away from negative people. And negativity in general.

Negative people are way more dangerous than you might think.

As the stoic Epictetus has said:

“Other people’s views and troubles can be contagious. Don’t sabotage yourself by unwittingly adopting negative, unproductive attitudes through your associations with others.”

He tells us not to associate with these people at all.

And he’s right! These negative attitudes will affect you tremendously. You begin to think like them and act like them. And you won’t even notice. So, run as far as you can.

If you don’t value your time, you don’t value your life.

This is what it boils down to. Indulging in negativity or being associated with negative people is just a waste of time.

Don’t be okay with letting someone waste your time.

Instead, try to be positive. Block out the negative, pretend it doesn’t exist, keep on going and find at least one good thing in any adverse event. Never blame others for misfortune.

Have a cool Saturday (or Sunday), and see you in the next one!