Stop apologizing for who you are

I see this tendency where people feel the need to apologize constantly. It makes me nauseous.

And it's not that they apologize for something they've done - they apologize for their thoughts and beliefs and even for things they have no control of.

I recently read a headline where some celebrity apologized to China for saying that Taiwan is an independent country. And then I read about Justin Trudeau's yet another apology for WW2 or something.

This is even worse than Stockholm's syndrome.

Because these people want to make, you start apologizing for who you are as well.

I imagine a hardcore catholic whipping herself for her sins and making her life as miserable as possible. This is the mindset of the Justin Trudeau's.

But it was not even these crappy "news" that made me want to write this piece.

I was doing a Yoga/Pilates course on Centr a while ago, and in one of the early lesson videos Luke - who couldn't bend as much as the instructor, apologized for that. The instructor - Tahl Rinsky - said something that has stuck with me ever since.

She said: "Never apologize for your body."

I think she was spot on with that.

And I would extend it even further. Never apologize for your ideas, beliefs, understanding or misunderstanding, intelligence. Never apologize for who you are or what your ancestors did in the stone age.

Only apologize for the things you had control of and sincerely feel sorry for and never intend to do again.

Otherwise, remember this: everything I do and say is cool because it comes from me.

Have a great sunny summer, and see you next time.