Stop comparing

Most of our problems are just us comparing ourselves to others.

If you would be the only one in the world, would money, status, height, weight, looks, etc. matter? Would it matter if you’d have one dollar or a billion dollars? Did Will Smith in the movie “I am Legend” care about “status”? Did he work out because he wanted to look cool, or did he work out for himself?

Asking yourself, “Would I care about X if I were the only one in the world?” almost by magic removes most of our “problems.”

Looks e.g., is one of the main aspects people blame their misfortune on. If someone doesn’t like you, then the first thing is to blame it on your looks.

What we often don’t realize is that people with good genetics have been validated since birth. They’ve probably had never received any negative feedback in their entire life. Naturally, their self-esteem is sky-high, which is the real reason people like them and why they’re more successful.

Guys who are e.g., short blame their bad luck on height but don’t think that maybe it’s because they’re just insecure. If you don’t own your height (or whatever else), then people pick that up - they sense that you don’t like yourself - so why should they?

If you don’t like yourself, I probably don’t like you either.