Strive for better problems

Everyone wants to have a better life. A life without problems where everything is easy, and there are no struggles. This is impossible. Nobody has that kind of life.

We all have problems. They will never run out - solve one, another one is cued up for us to solve.

A homeless person has money problems, so does Elon Musk. However, the difference is in the quality of the problem. 

Successful people have pretty much the same problems as unsuccessful people, but their problems are on a different level. 

While a regular person's day might be ruined because they missed a bus - this kind of an instance wouldn't probably even register on a mind like Elon's. These people are operating on such a high level that is incomprehensible for most people.

While we might be thinking about how to pay the bills, or which day was the garbage day, Elon is thinking about how to save the human race (yes, literally!).

So, let us not worry about trying to get rid of problems - that will never happen. Instead, we should strive to have higher quality problems. Let us not worry about our bus being late, or the small screen on the back of the seat in the airplane, but rather about something more important.

The quality of our problems determines the quality of our life.