The Muse and her gifts

Apparently, Zeus had nine daughters with Mnemosyne called the Muses. They represent the source of knowledge for all things regarding creativity like arts, poetry, literature, and songs. Essentially they can mean “inspiration” for artists.

Now, I don’t know if they really exist, but I do like to believe that they do.

They come and give inspiration and ideas for artists - but - only for the ones who put in the sweat. They don’t care about talent or genius - they will not give away their gifts of ideas for free. They give you gifts only if you work hard.

If you’re an artist waiting for an inspiration to strike, yet you do not sit down to do your work, then the Muse will not respect that. She will not give you anything.

The only way to earn the Muse’s respect is to do your work every day no matter whether you feel like it or not - then you will also receive the gifts of inspiration.

Sometimes I have thoughts about quitting - that writing is not for me or that I have nothing to write about on that particular day.

Yet, I sit down, boot up my computer, open an empty text file, and begin to write in spite of all that. After a while, thoughts start pouring in. Sometimes they come immediately - sometimes the Muse will let me wait before she comes - to see if I really mean it.

Then I remember how much I enjoy writing and sharing ideas on my blog and how silly it is to think about not “showing up.”

This article is heavily inspired by Steven Pressfield’s blog post, and by his book the War of Art.