Think “less is better”

More, more, more, and more. This is the mindset of an average consumer, as well as the mantra of almost every company. Consumers want more things; companies want to produce more. More is better, right? When it comes to stuff, then in my honest opinion, it’s not.

Instead of thinking, “what can I buy next,” it’s perhaps better to adopt the exact opposite mindset: “what can I get rid of next.”

Now, I want to clarify one thing: I’m not suggesting everyone becoming a hermit and selling all their belongings to live in a cave.

I have absolutely nothing against people owning things, whether they’re cheap or expensive high-quality luxury items. What, I’m suggesting instead is to have less stuff. Instead of having three sports cars - why not just have one. Instead of having a desktop computer and a laptop - it’s better just to have a really good laptop.

We should own just as much stuff as we actually need — all the way down to forks, knives, spoons, dishes, books, chairs, etc. Owning something for the sake of owning is meaningless.

If you find yourself asking about a particular item: “Do I need it? Does it really provide value to me?” then you probably don’t need that particular item. Besides, you wouldn’t ask that question regarding things you really need or care about.

Because it’s so hard to get rid of things, it’s wise to consider carefully before acquiring anything new. What you’ll discover is that you actually don’t need most things you thought you need.

The bottom line is that more for the sake of more is meaningless.