Tweaking your life

What brings success? What gets you to your goals? Is it some big breakthrough? No, it’s the small things we do every day.

Find out the little tweaks that if you’d make them, you know your life would become better. E.g., taking the stairs instead of the escalators (yes, I’m very passionate about stairs and anti escalators), cutting off sugar completely from your diet, reading a few pages of a book every day, meditating 10-20 minutes etc. - are all small adjustments, yet powerful as over time they have a compounding effect.

It’s just like tweaking a computer program or a machine - we have the first version, and then we find ways to make it even better. Once we achieve that, then the next step is to try to make it better than the last version, add more features, and so on.

So, imagine you’re trying to make the code that’s running you, more efficient, faster and more complex.

Usually, there would be a lot of emotion and frustration taking place if we’re trying to implement a new habit as we will not see the results immediately. This is why these things should be simple and small. Instead of making a goal for yourself to go to the gym seven days a week for 2 hours, it’s a lot better to implement the.g. e small tweaks mentioned above.

This way, you can turn off the emotions, so to speak and just do the things without any thinking. Over time these tweaks will become integrated into your “code.”