Two sides of the same coin

We often don’t see the polarities that are practically everywhere.

Some say that god exists; some say it doesn’t. Both are convinced that they’re correct, and the other is wrong. They don’t realize that just as it is impossible to prove the existence of god, it is also impossible to prove the inexistence of god. It’s the same coin with different sides.

Polarity is one of the laws of the universe: good vs. evil, warm vs. cold, light vs. dark, happy vs. sad, etc.

These opposites are actually the same thing - they only differ in degree. Would you be able to say where does “warm” begin and “cold” end? No, it’s not possible - hence, the “degree.”

We have to be careful with absolutes and be careful that when we argue for something with great passion, we might just become the other side of the same coin.

Book recommendation: The Kybalion by the Three Initiates