We’re in the future

Everyone is constantly on their phones. People don’t say “hi” to each other, let alone know their neighbors. How crazy is that you don’t even know the people living around you?

E.g., I’m always trying to greet people I meet where I just moved in. I usually don’t get an answer, or I get some grunting noise without eye contact. Or very fluctuating eye contact. So crazy! For me it’s mindblowing, but I guess it’s the new reality.

The reason is this: nobody has social skills anymore. If you spend most of your time eyes glued to a phone, you literally lose touch with reality. You miss all the subtle social cues taking place everywhere all the time. You can’t read them anymore.

This is the future. Like in the sci-fi movies where people had some weird electronic chip attached to their brains - well - it’s the same thing. It’s happening right now.

That’s one thing.

The other thing is this: there are two types of people in the future.

Most people are the smartphone people, receiving universal basic income, always worried about their status on social media and spending most of their time on the phone either mindlessly browsing some feed, watching ads their entire life, or thinking what to buy next.

The other types of people will be the creators: people who establish companies, organize, and make things happen. These are the people who don’t follow any maps. They make their own map.

I’m quite sure the factory jobs (office jobs included) will disappear as everything will be automated. Since everything is automated, nobody needs workers anymore.

The only people valuable are the people who can do something that would be impossible to automate. And believe me, most jobs can be automated. Even lawyers will be replaced by a computer script. There are already programs that automate simple legal issues!