What do you find funny?

A couple of days ago on one evening I took a piece of paper and wrote on it: “What do I find funny?”

I stared this piece of paper for several very long minutes trying to figure out the answer. It’s a simple question, yet I was at a loss — not a good sign.

The reason behind such an introspection?

I think in our modern society we laugh too little. If I’d ask you when was the last time you laughed, would you say “a couple of hours ago” or would you say “I don’t remember”? Even “a couple of days ago “is a bad answer.

And by laughing I don’t mean a little chuckle like “hah-a,” I mean straight-from-the-heart-cramps-in-your-stomach kind of laughter.

We should laugh more. And we should laugh at everything, even if it’s only slightly funny. In too many cases, we are serious, analyzing, and thinking, “is it okay to laugh?” As if laughing is not okay.