Why escalators are dangerous

Some people use the escalator or the elevator and then go to the gym to use the treadmill or the stepper machine. I find this behavior fascinating.

Do they not realize that they could exercise for free by taking the stairs instead? Or at the very least take it as a warm-up before the “real” exercising.

Logically it doesn’t make sense, and besides, we’re supposed to be rational animals.

However, we - humans are also creatures of habit and efficiency. We are always trying to minimize effort while at the same time trying to gain maximum benefits.

This is why we have Uber Eats and all the other great things that require minimal effort from us and at the same time give us the benefits.

Ordering food at home without having to leave your house is super convenient - and here in Taiwan - it’s also very cheap. In fact, having your food delivered to your front door can be cheaper than going out to a night market. It’s also a lot faster.

So why would anyone choose a way that doesn’t benefit financially and is also a lot more time-consuming? Essentially, it’s the same question regarding escalators - why would anyone use stairs if you can just stand, not waste any energy, and brought up or down almost as quickly.

I believe there are some hidden dangers in always using easy, convenient ways - like home food delivery or escalators. E.g., we don’t have to socialize, and we don’t have to move our legs.

Now, nothing wrong using the escalator or Uber from time to time, but if it becomes a norm, then it has an impact on our physical and mental health. Simply put, we become fat and socially inept.

Every little action we take - no matter how insignificant it seems - has an impact and shapes us. Sure, one healthy meal doesn’t make you any healthier than you were before, but all these little things accumulate and in the end, have the same effect as the compounding interest. And everyone knows that compounding interest is one of the strongest forces of the Universe.