You’re already awesome

We have this tendency to think we have to do XYZ to become good enough. Right now I suck, but if I get fit or become rich, then I’ve made it. Then I’m awesome.

There are a couple of problems with this mindset.

First, it implies that right now, we’re not worthy. Second, if we get the “thing,” we become fulfilled. We can finally be happy and rest. Both are mentally unhealthy perspectives to have. They are simply false.

Does an animal or a bird or anything in nature need to “do” anything to become good enough? No. Again, this relates to the nonexistence of perfection. There’s nothing to get, nowhere to go to be good enough. We already are!

Thinking that becoming rich or reaching some other goal will make you happy or fulfilled is an illusion. Obviously, a carpenter can be just as happy or happier than a president, celebrity, a billionaire, etc.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve ourselves and just derp around doing nothing. We absolutely should work on ourselves. The difference is that we’re not doing these things to get somewhere, we do them because we want to. We’re improving ourselves for ourselves. Not for anyone or anything.