Young kids are not automatically tech wizards

I find amusing the notion that the young kids nowadays are all considered “tech wizards” because they are born with “iPads and iPhones in their hands” - and because they can use Snapchat. That can’t be further from the truth.

The user interfaces of these smart devices and services are so simple that one doesn’t need to do almost any learning to use them. Same with social media. Knowing how to use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram is not a “skill” any more than knowing how to watch TV is.

E.g., being a “social media account manager” may be a job, but it’s an easily replicable, cognitively low demanding job, and the person doing that is very much replaceable.

Or the fact that “web search” is also considered a skill by some people. Again - an easily replicable thing that can be learned in a day.

Learning real skills take an enormous amount of focus, time, and effort.