Your reality - your rules

As human beings, we are constantly pinging off the environment.

There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, we can’t learn everything from first-hand experience as we don’t have the time for it. Some things, we take it for granted. If there’s a certain amount of people with a certain amount of certainty, then we take it for granted whatever they say - it must be true!

E.g., you have never touched burning lava, but you are very certain that it’s very hot and shouldn’t be touched. This type of learning is essential as otherwise, we’d probably not thrive as we have.

Secondly, our minds are still conditioned as if we’re living in a tribe, and if more certain people are telling us something, we’d better listen. We have the need to fit in and not do something stupid that would get us kicked out.

So, it’s very easy to fall into the frame set by others.

However, we’re not in tribes anymore, and so we don’t have to take everything for granted what others say we can or can’t.

Everyone sees reality through their minds and the way they see fit. They make the rules of their reality, but this doesn’t mean what they think is right.

There is no right or wrong in this world. Things just are. There is no universal “decidor “to decide what should and shouldn’t be.

E.g., most people might make up rules in their reality that being fat is not cool. But that’s just their reality - their idea of how things should be.

The cool thing is, you get to make your rules in your reality. In your world, you can make being fat awesome or becoming bald. Or stuttering. Whatever it is, you can make up your mind that what you do, are, or have is the next cool thing, and so it is. Again, is there any higher authority to decide who’s right and who’s not? There isn’t, so why is their opinion any better than yours?

Here’s another cool aspect: if you’re more certain in yourself than they are - they start to doubt their reality.

You decide what’s cool and what’s not - no one else. Don’t adopt someone else’s rules into your world; make your own.