Here's how to follow through with 2024 goals

We all set goals for the new year. Or at the very least everyone's thinking about it.

And if you haven't written down the things you want to achieve, you need to do it, otherwise you're much less likely to achieve the things you want.

So, the first thing is to write down the actual goals.

I recommend writing them down on a piece of paper and sticking that paper on a wall somewhere you can see them every day. Otherwise, you'll forget them and 24 will be just like the year before and like all the other years you promised to do XYZ.

The second thing is to have a higher purpose. Let's take a popular example: losing weight. The higher purpose is not to lose weight in itself but something else -- something higher. And that can vary for every person. Ask yourself: ``Why is this important to me?''

You'll need this for the tough times. I know (and you know) that when 24 begins, everyone's hyped and motivated. You can see a lot of ``LFG'' and rocket emoji posts everywhere.


The motivation and hype will disappear -- that's a fact. And it's also a fact that there will be some really bad days where your discipline is truly put to the test.

This is where that higher purpose -- that beacon of light will come in handy. You can remind yourself why are you doing this and why is it important not to give up.

Speaking of discipline -- the 75HARD program is designed to teach just that. I'm currently on day 18 myself. I can't praise this enough. So if you have little or no discipline, this is a really good start.

See you in 2024. Take care and best of luck!