Play to Your Strengths

Playing to your strengths can be considered a universal principle of life.

You've probably noticed that you're naturally better in some things and yet an array of those other things do not come as smoothly.

Indeed, people are different. Some are good at languages, some in mathematics. Some have good looks, some can effortlessly crack jokes.

Another example: Michael Phelps and Eliud Kipchoge. Even though they both have insane work ethic, they have very different body types. One is ideal for swimming, the other for running.

If Phelps would've gone to become a marathon runner, he'd never become the world's best. And same applies to Kipchoge.

Work ethic, drive, and will power will only get you so far. When it comes to top-level game, you also need to have a natural knack for the thing. Otherwise, you'll end up mediocre at best.

Find out what you're good at, then play for that.